Ung amerikansk målvakt klar

OIK har nu gjort klart med den andra halvan av målvaktsduon kommande säsong. Amerikanen Tristen Gillispie kommer tillsammans med Jonathan Classon vara de som gör upp om platsen mellan stolparna.

Tristen fyller 20 år i höst och kommer närmast från spel i Grästorp där han förra säsongen spelade matcher i både deras J18 och J20-lag samt även i seniorlaget i Hockeytvåan. Det blev 6 matcher i Hockeytvåan/Alltvåan och han hade där en räddningsprocent på 89,5%.
Han är född i Cincinnati men har spelat på en del olika platser i USA innan han kom till Sverige förra säsongen. Vi har fått goda vitsord om honom och det är en ung, träningsvillig målvakt som har potential att ta ytterligare kliv i OIK-tröjan kommande säsong.

Hello Tristen, can you tell us a little about yourself?
-My name is Tristen Gillispie. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Before coming to Sweden I played for teams in St Louis, Iowa, Minnesota and New Jersey.

What are your strenghts in the net?
-I´m not the biggest goalie (183cm) so I have to be very quick and explosive on my feet. My puck handling is also a crucial part of my game allowing my team to maintain possession of the puck and create time and space.

Is there something special you are working on improving in your own game?
-I am currently working on my patience on my feet. Being able to read the release of the shot and only drop into the butterfly when it´s a low shot is critical at higher levels. The simpler your movements become, the easier the game is!

You played in Sweden last season as well. What can you say about your time in Grästorp?
-Grästorp was an incredible experience that allowed me to make memories I will not soon forget. I was fortunate enough to have a coaching staff, team and town that believed in me and was willing to give me a chance and rally behind me during big games.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season with Olofström?
-My expectations for this upcoming season with Olofström are to win. This organization has a good track record behind it and with the right people on the ice I know that we can make a deep run in the playoffs.

How are you preparing yourself for the next season during this off season?
-Quarantine has been a blessing in disguise to my training this offseason. I´ve been able to work more on my mobility and movement since the gyms have been closed. And mentally I have put in a ton of work, allowing my mind to relax and disconnect from everyday stress of life. I feel more balanced then I ever have before. However, with the season right around the corner I am shifting gears into strength and conditioning training to make sure I´m good to go for a long season.

Do you have any special routines that you have to do before and during games?
-Everything I do prior to a game is a part of my routine. I go through the same stretching sequence, visualize the same crease movements, use the same hand-eye coordination techniques. Consistency breeds results, so I believe having a consistent routine allows you to enter the ”game mode” mindset more effectively.

We thank Tristan for the interview and welcomes him to Olofström this season!

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