Offensiv back klar

Ännu en pusselbit i det nya lagbygget är på plats då vi kan meddela att OIK har skrivit kontrakt med den amerikanska backen Nick Grose.

Foto: George Mason University

25-åriga Nick kommer närmast från spel i den amerikanska collegeligan ACHA där han spelat de tre senaste säsongerna. Först två med Ohio University och nu senast en säsong med George Mason University. Han är ”rightare” och beskrivs som en riktigt offensiv back med bra skott och spelsinne. Under de två säsongerna med Ohio i ACHA noterade han 42 poäng (11+31) på 64 matcher. Förra säsongen stod han för 59 poäng (19+40) på 21 matcher i ACHA 3 med George Mason.

Det ska bli väldigt spännande att se honom i Sverige och OIK-tröjan denna säsongen.

Hello Nicky, if we where getting to know you a little, who is Nick Grose?
-I grew up playing hockey in northern Virginia right outsida of Washington D.C. I am a dual citizen, both American and Canadian.

How would you describe yourself as a hockey player?
-I would say that I am skilled defensman that likes to create offensive opportunities for my team.

You were alternate captain for a couple of seasons playing junior hockey, are you a guy that can take the lead when the team is struggling?
-I have seen myself as a leader especially for keeping a level mindset during games. This helps me to stay confident and lead the team when struggling.

 Have you been playing on rinks with European measurements before and if yes, was it a big change for you?
-Yes. I have played games before on the bigger sized rinks. I find that the big ice enhances my play style and allows me to play a better controlled game than on the smaller rinks.

You have played in the ACHA for the last three seasons. What can you say aboute the type of hockey beeing played there?
-The ACHA has been a good experience to play in for the last few seasons. It was good hockey when I played in Ohio. It was high level of competition and I had the opportunity to play with lots of other very skilled players. It was a lot of fun to play alongside with them.

Beside playing hockey, what have you been studying these years?
-I graduated from Ohio University with a degree in finance and then studied at George Mason University this last year for my Masters degree in economics.

How are you preparing yourself during the off season?
-This off season I have been following a strict hockey workout off-ice program. Besides that I have just started skating since the rinks opened up again after beeing closed for Covid 19. So now that the rinks are back open I am able to skate and workout to prepare for the upcoming season.

What are your thoughts on coming to Sweden this season?
-I am extremely excited to come to Sweden this season. I have been to Sweden before when I was 14 years old and I loved my time there. I have been practicing studying the language this summer in preparation for coming over. I hope to continue practicing learning to speak swedish when I´m over there.

We thank Nick for the time and welcomes him to Sweden and Olofström when the season starts!

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