Andre Leclair är tillbaka

OIK kan idag meddela att Andre Leclair är klar för comeback i klubben!

foto: Ronny Gunnarsson

Han kommer därmed gå in på sin femte säsong i OIK-tröjan.
På de fyra tidigare säsongerna har det blivit 124 spelade matcher med 152 gjorda poäng (69+83) som resultat.
Förra säsongen spelade han inte pga studier men han är nu klar med dessa.
Andre kommer med sin rutin och spets bli en mycket viktig kugge i detta annars ganska unga lag.

Varmt välkommen tillbaka till Olofström Andre!

Hello Andre! How does it feel to be back playing for Olofström?
-It feels very good. I´m excited to be back here after 1,5 years in Canada. I have had some good years here before. Also the restrictions beacuse of Covid is much harder over there so it´s nice to be back here where it´s a little bit more open.

You had a break from hockey last season?
-Yes, I had one season off last year because I had to finish my studies back in Canada. That´s done now. It was also good for my body because I had som problems with a hand in the last season with OIK. But now I´m good to go again.

The team have had a shaky start and has a lot of young players. Are you ready to show the way with your experience?
Yes of course. I´m ready to have that type of role and show the younger kids the way. I have been in their position and I know that you can learn a lot from the more experienced guys.