Amerikansk juniormästare klar

OIK har idag gjort klart med en ny amerikansk forward. Det är 26 åriga Ryan Schwalbe som har skrivit på för 1 år med klubben.

foto: Lena Landberg

Alaskafödde Ryan spelade i Hockeytvåan redan förra säsongen och då svarade han för hela 50 poäng (21+29) på 33 matcher i Åmåls SK. Förhoppningen är så klart att han ska vara en ledande poängspelare även i OIK denna säsongen.
Säsongerna innan han kom till Åmål tillbringade han med Minnesota State University som spelar i förstadivisionen av den stora universitetsligan NCAA. Före det så gjorde han två säsonger i USHL som är den högsta juniorligan i USA och där blev han som lagkapten mästare med Sioux Falls säsongen 14/15.
“Ryan är en riktigt spännande spelare och det ska bli kul att se honom i OIK-tröjan. Han har ju bra meriter från juniortiden i USA och svarade för mycket poäng i hockeytvåan redan förra säsongen så visst ser vi honom som en del i vår spets framåt denna säsongen” hälsar sportgruppen.

Welcome to Olofström Ryan!

Hello Ryan, can you tell us a little about yourself?
-Tjena Olofström! I’m a 26-year-old center from Anchorage Alaska. I have an awesome family that I love very much including my sister Taylor, my parents Dave and Kathy, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I enjoy fishing, hiking, cycling, and more. I take advantage of enjoying Alaska whenever I am home.

What are your strengths on the ice?
-I pride myself on being a well-rounded player, playing in all three zones. I skate, pass, and shoot well and can play on the powerplay and boxplay. I love the big moments, for example, the first and last minute of a game, down a goal, up a goal, or an important faceoff. I want to be on the ice helping the team succeed. I always try and be a good teammate on the ice, on the bench, and in the dressing room!

You became USHL-champion with Sioux Falls in 2015. What can you tell us about that season?
-That was a great season. I was honored to have shared the captaincy of the team with my Co-captain, current Colorado Avalanche player Logan O’Connor. We had a very close team and when playoffs rolled around we were the underdogs. But we played so well in the playoffs, got some good luck, and our magical run ended in a championship in front of eight thousand plus fans in Sioux Falls! I enjoyed my time in Sioux Falls, had a good billet family, great coaches, and played with a lot of good players I’m happy to call friends.

Besides playing hockey, what have you been studying at Minnesota State University?
-I received my Bachelor of Science in Finance, Magna Cum Laude, from Minnesota State University last May.

You played with Åmål here in Sweden last season. How was that experience for you wit bigger rinks and a new language for example?
-It was a good experience! Sweden is awesome. Last season was the first time I had been to Sweden. I was able to explore cities like Göteborg and Karlstad in my time off and had a great time! I adjusted to the big ice well and like the Swedish style of hockey. It is a very skilled and fun way to play the game. I speak a little Swedish but most of the Swedes I have met speak really good English which makes things a lot easier for me. Kebab pizza, ICA bulk candy, Fika, and SHL games were some of my favorites!

What can the fans in Olofström expect from you this season?
-I am excited to be coming to Olofström. The fans can expect me to do my best day in and day out, on the ice, to help the Steelers do well and succeed. I can’t wait to get started, hope to see you all very soon!

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Huvudtränare: Reine Rydberg
Assisterande tränare: Magnus Olsson